Текст песни Booze Man Accoustic Jam - Bottle Of Rum

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i woke up today with big hang-over
feell terribly awful for Christ seek!
ask myself if life is really over
or i have to find a drinks for a week

generations come, generations go
sun is climmin' up, sun is gettin' low
you can be a rich man or you can be a bum
just get another bottle of rum!!!

suddenly my neighbour John the Blind Bull
enter in my room and sadly said:
-do you know, brother, now i'm turn in fool
only why my faithful horse is dead

then appeard the tinker deaf McKinley
and he told us that his wife is gone
cause he's allways boozy and she could'n't stand him.
he brought another bottle, a bottle of rum

we've been sitin',drinkin', talkin'
and then we realized - we are on fire
we left a place as fast as we could walk
but my house was burn as my dry hair
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