Текст песни Static Cycle - поедем далеко

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Sit down, let me say what's on my mind
Hold on, it's time you didn't have to fight
Relax, take a second, let's rewind
Stop there, you don't deserve this life

And I'll take, I'll it take if you let me
And I'll break, I'll break it if you want to leave
I know, I know I need to let it breathe
At night you'll only think about me

Don't you, don't you like that
'Cause I know, I know you like that
And I'll be, I'll be the one that never lets you down again

I promise you, I'll teach you to forget all the things you knew
If only for a moment, I'll lead the way
Tonight's the night when we can ride away - we'll ride away
We'll start again, I'll take you to a place if you let me in
Outside, the wind's at our backs, we'll hit the highway
Tonight's the night when we can ride away

Deep breath, I know this is a lot to take
Slow down, tell me what you wanna say
Don't cry, you can hide it if you medicate
Don't hide, pills are always your escape

We'll start another life, just you and me
We'll find another place where we can be free
Pick up the pieces how will they rearrange
Your scars will start to fade away, we can find a place that's safe

We'll ride away now, we'll ride away now, come ride with me tonight
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