Текст песни Gothmog - The Blackest of the Paths

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Behold the evil itself
Falls summoned from the broken sky
How the wrath of awakened fiends
Arises everywhere

Reach the sky and see
Inhuman encounters crumble on desecrated grounds

I desire to escape
But this dungeon freezes my will
I desire to wake up
But this horrific nightmare is far to conclude

The red horizon brings
The horrible and heinous strains of war

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Fate of cruelty shows the blackest of the paths
Where a stained blade, waiting for your insignificant soul
Will end your suffering up

Feelings of revenge have been unleashed
Purity will decay and armies will be defeated
No shelter will protect the light from the hate of the flame
They're about to change, defend ourselves

The bleeding of this ruined world
Regrets me like a deadly disease within

Beasts and criminals now rule the world
Where hope and joy disappeared long ago
The time of the last pray arrives
The existence begins to fade away

The sun of freedom will not rise again
The days of delight and glory come to an end

Every man for himself
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