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Olga: Hey, Daniel, how are you?

Daniel: Hey Olga, I'm fine thanks. How are you?

Olga: Fine. Actually I have a favor to ask you.

Daniel: Yes, sure.

Olga: OK. Like my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Chile next month.

Daniel: Really?

Olga: Yes, so I was trying to ask if you could recommend us some place to go.

Daniel: Sure.

Olga: All over Chile. Actually we're planning to go to three places because we're planning to go to Chile for around one month so I think we have enough time.

Daniel: That's good.

Olga: Yes.

Daniel: So have you been to South America before?

Olga: No, never.

Daniel: Never?

Olga: No, we've never been outside of Mexico.

Daniel: Wow, so this is going to be your first time in South America?

Olga: Yes.

Daniel: Good. Well it depends what you want to do. You said about a month and also it depends on how much money you're taking.

Olga: We have been saving around like one year money so I think we have enough money to, you know, just travel around and don't worry about money.

Daniel: OK, good, because I think if you go to the right places you can save a lot of money.

Olga: Oh.

Daniel: Because if you go, you know, to like big fancy restaurants, you're going to take a lot of money but I can give you a lot of tips so you can save money and also have I think a much better time.

Olga: That would be great.

Daniel: OK. So I can recommend you about three places.

Olga: Yeah.

Daniel: The first one would be in the north.

Olga: Oh.

Daniel: We have a desert.

Olga: Yeah.

Daniel: So if you are OK with the heat.

Olga: Yeah, I'm OK. I'm from Mexico.

Daniel: OK, that's good then. It's called Atacama Desert and we have a lot of really, really nice places there.

Olga: Yeah.

Daniel: There's a place called San Pedro de Atacama. There's another one called The Valley of the Moon and it's supposed to be, it's supposed to look like the moon actually, that's why the name.

Olga: It sounds so romantic.

Daniel: It is. I've never been with my girlfriend but it should be romantic.

Olga: Yeah.

Daniel: There's also a lot of mountains and if you go to a couple of places near the Andes you can see a lot of beautiful lakes and you will also have to be careful with the altitude.

Olga: Oh, right, yeah, because I come from a really low place.

Daniel: Yeah.
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