Текст песни Dead Prez - A New Beginning

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Times is getting rough, huh? That's nothing new to us
There's nothing to discuss. Just make adjustments, time is up
This crazy world we live in, they taking, ain't no giving
Consuming, not producing. We got a problem, Houston
Its worse than genocide, they get inside your mind
Tricked 'ya. You thought the finish line was 1999, didn't 'ya?
Try to save the trees but you can't go green without that black and red
If we gon' get free we got to change that lightbulb in our head

The end of the world don't mean too much to us
It's a new beginning
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust to us
It's a new beginning

Stock market crashing daily, they say that times are scary
They dollar's losing value, but the hood knew that already
The price of gas been rising, at times we can't afford it
The oil supply is leaking, facing a global shortage
According to news reporters, every year its getting warmer
These violent weather patterns, some say it's just nature's karma
They planting they seeds of fearing, genetic engineering
Interfering with the crops and now the bees are disappearing
Don't know what is upon us, just know one thing for certain
Change is so necessary cause they system is not working
Maybe it would take destruction to make a better world
And if that's what it takes then I hope Babylon just keep on burning

We - we got a problem, Houston [x3]

[Hook x3]
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