Текст песни Bleeding Earth - Hollywood Princess

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She doesn't want to get older
When she sees old women
She goes nuts by thinking that's her very future
She does all the best to keep her youth and body well
Infact to be in a good shape

She has been told she looks well enough
She thinks that all women have their own beauty

She believes
It would be so great to meet her real love
But she knows
It's not
It's not easy as she thought
She wants to love and to be loved
She wants to build her own world
Only she and her man
She knows
At first all men look at body, legs and face
God created male such person
She wants to meet her right man

She knows that
She's not so beautiful like hollywood princess
But she hopes to meet her own prince one day
She's sure
He won't be disappointed to meet her in the real life
This is why
She's gonna go through the same way
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